Cooking Tips that You May Not Know

Images: Pixabay

Today, Ethingtoday is going to introduce eight cooking tips to you. With these tips, the cooking is simpler than ever.

① Cook soup or gruel

To prevent soup or gruel in the pot from flowing out when boiling, pour a little bit of cooking oil into the pot of soup or gruel. By doing this, it will limit to minimum level of overflow. Moreover, it is also to give extra flavour to your dish.

② Boil noodles

You should not let water boil away because if you do like that, the noodles will not be fully soft. The best way is to boil the noodles when the water in the pot starts appearing small bubbles. Then turn over several times and cover the lid until the water is boiled. Next, add a little bit of water into the pot and wait for the water to boil again. The last work is only to take the pot of noodles from kitchen.

③ Fry fish and stir-fry vegetables

When frying fish, you should use vegetable oil because the vegetable oil helps to deodorize fishy smell effectively. However, if you are stir-frying vegetables, you can use lard to give extra flavour and color to the dishes.

④ Flavour with salt reasonably

If you are cooking tuber dishes, you should flavour with salt early. This will make salt to soak in the tuber, whereas if it is vegetables, you should flavour vegetables with salt before the dish is almost done.

⑤ Flavour with soy sauce

If you flavour dishes with soy sauce early, it will make your dish be sour because the sugar in the soy sauce is to be dissolved when the temperature is high. Hence, you should flavour dishes with soy sauce when the dishes are almost done.

⑥ Flavour with spices

According to the principle, the longer it takes to absorb spices, the earlier we flavour. For example, if there are salt and sugar, we should flavour with sugar first then salt. After that vinegar, soy sauce, fish sauce and the last one is monosodium glutamate. Note: Cooking time is as short as possible for the special flavours such as soy sauce, fish sauce.

⑦ Boil eggs

When boiling eggs, put a little bit of salt in pot to avoid cracking the shells and it will be easier when peeling.

⑧ Preserve vegetables inside the refrigerator

Wrap vegetables in a piece of paper before you put in the refrigerator. As a result, the vegetables will be kept fresh for longer.

There are still a lot of cooking tips but I hope that the tips in this post may be useful. Thank you for your reading!