How To Make Adorable “Mummy Sausages” for Halloween

Themes about horror are indispensable in October-the month of the ghosts rise from the dead. What games or dishes to bring fun but slightly scary atmosphere for your family in this Halloween season have you prepared? Because the Halloween is coming very closely. 

Today, I am going to share one more horror dish for the Halloween with you but it looks very cute which is very suitable to you to add more your family's horror dish menu in this Halloween season. It is called "Mummy Sausages". Let's go to the kitchen and do it right now!


- 5 Sausages

- 80g wheat flour

- 10 ml cooking oil

-  A little bit salt and pepper

- 50 ml water

(*Note: the amount of the ingredients above is only standard numbers so you can adjust them to be suitable for your meal.)


Step 1:

- First, put 80g wheat flour into a bowl, add a little bit of salt, 10 ml cooking oil and finally 50 ml water to the wheat flour part (*Note: you can use milk instead). Then mix them together and knead the mixture for about 10 minutes until it is smooth.

Step 2:

- Sprinkle a little bit of wheat flour on a cutting board or any clean surface and put the mixture on it.

- Next use a rolling pin to flatten the wheat flour part then cut it into a shape that is similar to about 0.5 cm shoe-laces. (*NoteThen cut a small piece to reserve for making body parts such as: hands and legs of mummies).

- Next roll them around the sausages as the image below, then use peppers to create eyes for the mummies.

*Note: if you do not want to do the mixture as above yourself for the decoration of the sausages, you can also use "Colored Fresh Pasta" instead. (can be bought at Super Markets or searched for on the Google)

(Colored Fresh Pasta)
- For this ingredient, they have a variety of color. Therefore, you can create the Mummies that look very great. It is very simple, you only need to boil Colored Fresh Pasta and then also roll them around the sausages

Step 3:

- Next put a pan on the stove and fry our products with a large amount of cooking oil. They are processed ingredients so you do not need to fry them too long.

With the extremely simple steps above, you will have the cute Mummies and of course,
they do not lack the horror appearance. This is a delicious and fancy dish which is very suitable for the children in this year's Halloween. Do not hesitate to realize it for your family right now.

Wish you success!