Remove Chewing Gum from Your Clothes

(Images: Pixabay)

Possibly, chewing gum could have, once, stuck to your clothes accidentally. It is mostly impossible for you to remove it, if you simply wash your clothes by washing machines or hand. Now, I am going to be showing you how to get rid of chewing gum from your clothes.

① Cooking oil

Cooking oil has the ability to reduce friction between surfaces, which is possible for you to remove chewing gum from the clothes. After putting in the area of chewing gum on the clothes with a small amount of oil, waiting a moment, you will be able to remove the chewing gum from your clothes easily.

② Freezer shelf

Putting clothes in the freezer shelf is a very effective way to get rid of chewing gum. After more than an hour, take your clothes out of the shelf and separate the gum from the clothes and wash it as usual.

③ Ice

Using ice is also a good choice in this case. Take a piece of ice and put on the chewing gum on your clothes. After a few minutes, the chewing gum would be frozen solid. Now you can take it out more easily.

④ Hot water

Soak the area of the chewing gum in boiling water. You can use a toothbrush to remove the chewing gum while soaking in water.

⑤ Iron

Put your clothes on a piece of cardboard so that the chewing gum faces directly the cardboard. Iron the area of the chewing gum in medium temperature until the chewing gum sticks to the cardboard completely.

⑥ Rubbing alcohol

Drop a small amount of alcohol on the area of the chewing gum sticking to your clothes. Now you can get rid of the chewing gum as easily as a piece of cake and then wash your clothes as usual.

⑦ Sticky tape

Use a piece of tape to stick to the whole area of the chewing gum. You should take a notice of not sticking the tape to your clothes, otherwise it would be difficult to take it out.

The aforementioned methods are the most simple and effective to remove the annoying chewing gum on your clothes.