Baked Green Bean Cake | A Delicious and Sweet Flavor



- 200g green beans

- 25g unsalted butter

- 200 ml coconut milk

- 25g sweetened condensed milk

- 180g sugar

- 50g wheat flour

- 70g tapioca starch

- 2.5 ml vanilla extract = (1/2 teaspoon vanilla)

- 160 ml whipping cream


Step 1:

- Soak 200g green beans in the water approximately 4-5 hours then wash them. 

Step 2:

- Put the green beans into a pot and pour a moderate amount of water in it to cook the green beans as the image below. While cooking, it will appear scums on surface, therefore, you can use a ladle to take those scums out of the pot.

- Cook the beans until all the water inside the pot is out of as the image below, now switch off the stove and allow it to cool.

Step 3:

- Use microwave to melt 25g unsalted butter.

Step 4:

- Put cooked green beans into a bowl and use a hand blender to grind them. Next add 20 ml coconut milk, 25g sweetened condensed milk and 180g sugar to the green bean part. Then blend the mixture thoroughly.

- At this moment, our mixture will be sightly liquid, next use a sifter to sieve 50g wheat flour and 70g tapioca starch into the mixture, stir well and then continue to blend them.

- After finishing, pour 2.5 ml vanilla extract and 25g melted unsalted butter in the mixture and stir well. 

- Then add 160 ml whipping cream in, stir well, then blend the mixture one more time.

Step 5:

- Filter all the mixture through a sifter in a bowl. 

Step 6:

- Next prepare a bakeware and use a basting brush to spread a layer of cooking oil inside the bakeware. Then pour all the mixture into the bakeware. (*Note: when poured all the mixture in the bakeware, you remember to use hand to raise the bakeware and then drop it slightly to have no bubbles inside the cake).

Step 7:

- Finally, you only need to put our product into oven and bake it within 50-60 minutes with temperature of 150°C (320°F).

So, we have just finished a delicious and nutritious dish. It is very soft and has a extremely attractive flavor.

Wish you success!