How To Make Rice Flour Custard Cake



- 120g rice flour

- 40g unsalted butter

- 3 eggs

- 120 ml non-sugar fresh milk

- 70g sugar

- 1 ml vanilla extract

- A little bit of salt


Step 1:

- Melt 40g butter by microwave.

Step 2:

- Take the yolk of three eggs and put them in a bowl. (Note: retain all the egg white parts). Next pour 120 ml non-sugar fresh milk and 40g melted butter in the bowl of yolk, then use a spatula to stir well the mixture.

- Next use a sifter to sieve a part of the rice flour into the mixture and mix well. Then do the same thing, sieve more the rice flour in the mixture and continue to mix well it (*Note: do not put all the rice flour in at once).

Step 3:

- Filter the rice flour mixture above through a sifter. Then add 1 ml vanilla extract to the mixture.

Step 4:

- Pour all the egg whites in a big bowl, next add a little bit of the salt to the egg whites. Then use egg beater to beat the egg whites until they have small bubbles. Next add a little bit of sugar to egg white part gradually and beat them until they are so smooth and become cream as the image below.

Step 5:

- Put 1/4 beaten egg whites into the bowl of rice flour mixture that it was prepared in Step 2. Then use a spatula to mix them from bottom to top (Note: don not stir).

- Next pour all the rice flour mixture into the remaining part of the bowl of egg white. Then mix well the mixture as the image below. (Note: don not stir).

Step 6:

- Prepare a bakeware and use a basting brush to spread a butter layer inside the bakeware. Then pour all the mixture into it and put a lid or cover a silver paper on the bakeware.

- Next, take a big steamer and pour a moderate amount of water into it, then cook the water until it boils. After the water has boiled, put the bakeware of mixture into the steamer and steam it approximately 35-40 minutes.

So, we have just finished a very delicious custard cake with the main ingredient is rice flour. I think that, as usual if we make this kind of cake, perhaps we will use common ingredient which is wheat flour but for rice flour, it is going to be a significant innovation.

Wish you success!