Baked Coconut | A Great Flavor Is Difficult to Forget



- 130g grated coconut 

- 3 eggs

- 10g wheat flour

- 40g sugar

- A little bit of salt

Ingredient Processing:

<<<How to have the grated coconut?>>>

The first way: You can buy a fresh coconut and use a Coconut grater or a Fork to make the grated coconut. (If you do not have any information about the Coconut grater, you can search it on Google). You can also learn more about how to grate coconut via this Youtube video.

- After grating, you bring the grated coconut part outdoor to dry or can also put it into oven or microwave to dry. However, when drying it by the oven or microwave, you should pay attention to drying time so that it is not brunt.

(Grated coconut part)

The second way:  You can also buy "Ready-Made Chopped Coconut" at supermarkets or searching for it on Google).


Step 1:

- First, take the egg white of three eggs and put all of them in a bowl, then use an egg beater to beat them until they have small bubbles as the image below. 

- Next add 40g sugar to the bowl of egg whites and continue to beat them until they become cream. After the egg white part are smooth, put a little bit of salt in and continue to beat them one more time.

Step 2:

- Put 10g wheat flour in bowl of egg whites and use a spatula to mix them together. Then continue to put 130g grated coconut in the mixture and mix well. Just like that, do the same thing until the grated coconut part is out of. (*Note: do not put all the grated coconut in at once).

Step 3:

- After mixing, divide the mixture into small circular blocks and finally, you only need to put them into an oven and bake within 20 minutes with temperature of 170°C (338°F).

It is very simple, isn't? This is a very delicious dish because it has a special flavor of coconut. I am sure that, your family will not be disappointed when enjoying this dish.

Wish you success!