Fruit MoChi | A Natural Flavor from Kinds of Fruit



- 80g red bean

- 200g glutinous rice flour

- 100g tapioca starch

- 180 ml water

- A little bit of salt

- 100g sugar

- 1 banana, 4 strawberries, 1 kiwifruit or kinds of other optional fruits


Step 1:

- Put the red beans in a pressure cooker and pour approximately 1 liter of water in and cook them until they are soft. Then allow it to cool.

- Next pour the cooked red beans with its own water into a blender to grind.

- After finishing, pour them in a pan, add 80g sugar and a little bit of salt to the ground bean part. 

- Then cook them with small fire until they are thick as image below (*Note: stir them constantly while cooking).

Step 2:

- Cut the banana into 4 equal pieces, remove stalk of the strawberries, finally cut the kiwifruit in half.

Step 3:

- Divide the red bean mixture into different parts, then wrap the kinds of fruit in them. As you can see, after finishing, we will have the red bean block as the image below.

Step 4:

- Put 200g glutinous rice flour, 20g sugar and a little bit of salt in a pan and add 180 ml water to it. Then stir well the mixture until the ingredients are mixed together. 

- Next switch on the stove and cook the mixture until they are thick as the image below. (*Note: stir the mixture constantly while cooking.)

Step 6:

- Put the 100g tapioca starch in an another pan to roast it (*Note: roasting time is approximately 5 minutes with small fire.

Step 7:

- Now, prepare a clean surface and put roasted tapioca starch part on there to make a non-stick layer, then put the mixture of glutinous rice flour on and knead it thoroughly. Next use a rolling pin to flatten the mixture part, then divided it into small pieces as image below. 

Step 8:

- Wrap the red bean blocks that was made in the "Step 2" in the glutinous rice flour pieces to make outer shells for our dish. Finally, we only need to cut them in half, then enjoy.

So, we have just finished a great dish, moreover it is very good for our health. Start to make a surprise for your family right now!

Wish you success!