Delicious and Unique Fried Fresh Milk



- 200 ml non-sugar fresh milk

- 4 eggs

- 50g tapioca starch

- 50 ml condensed milk

- 30g corn starch 

- 50g bread crunbs

- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Step 1:

- Take the yolk of 2 eggs and put them in a bowl, then stir well. Next add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract to the yolk part and stir well. Then use a sifter to sieve 30g corn starch into the bowl of yolk and continue to mix well.

- Next pour 200 ml non-sugar fresh milk in the mixture, mix well. Then add 50 ml condensed milk to the mixture and continue to stir well until the ingredients are melted together.

Step 2:

- After finishing, switch on the stove and cook the mixture with small fire. (*Note: stir the mixture constantly so that it is not brunt). After stirring for a while, the mixture will be slightly thick but keep stirring it with small fire until our mixture is completely condensed as the image below.

Step 3:

- After the mixture condensed, pour the mixture into a box. (*Note: before pouring the mixture in, use a basting brush to spread a layer of cooking oil or line a piece of food wrap inside the box so that the mixture is easy to take out of the box when finishing.) 

- Then put the mixture inside cool compartment of refrigerator about 3-4 hours. (*Note: before putting the mixture into the refrigerator, you remember to use a piece of food wrap to cover up the box, this will help to protect the mixture).

Step 4:

- After about 3-4 hours, our mixture is frozen. Now you can take the mixture out of the box and cut it into moderate small pieces as the image below. Then prepare a pan to fry them.

Step 5:

- Before frying, we have to make some steps follow as: crack two remaining eggs into a bowl and stir well. For 50g tapioca starch and 50g bread crumbs also put them in two separate bowls.

- Then dip the mixture pieces in the ingredients in order of the egg -> tapioca starch -> the egg -> and bread crumbs.

Step 7:

- Finally, you only need to pour a moderate amount of cooking oil in the pan and fry them with small fire until they have yellowish brown. After frying, you can switch off the stove and put them in a plate, then enjoy.

How do you think of making these delicious cakes? It is very simple, isn't it? Moreover, the ingredients are really easy to find. This will be a dish which will satisfy your family. 

Wish you success!