Egg Jelly - Do They Look Like Real Eggs?



- 12 eggs

- 8g jelly powder

- 70g green bean

- 800 ml water

- 50 ml coconut milk

- 100g condensed milk

- 60g sugar (*Note: divide it into two parts, each part is 30g sugar)


Step 1:

- First, create a hole on the eggs and take all the yolks and whites out of the eggs.

- After finishing, we have to remove the smell of the eggshells by soaking them in boiling water within 10 minutes. This will help remove the smell of them efficiently.

- After 10 minutes, bring the eggshells outdoor to dry them.

Step 2:

*The steps to make the yolks: 

- First, wash 80g green bean thoroughly, then put all of them in a pot and cook them with a moderate amount of the water until they are soft. (*Tip: you should soak the green beans in the water approximately 4-5 hours before cooking. This will shorten the boiling time efficiently.)

- After cooking, allow the green beans to cool, then use a blender to grind them thoroughly.

- Next pour all the ground green bean part in a pan and add 30g sugar to it, then dry the green bean with small fire until it is slightly dry and smooth as the image below.

- Next divide the green bean into small parts, and continue to shape them into small circular blocks. (*Note: the size of green bean blocks must be smaller than the holes of the eggshells).

Step 3:

*The steps to make the egg whites:

- Prepare a pot and pour 800 ml water into it.

- Next mix 8g jelly powder and the remaining 30g sugar together. Then put all the mixture of jelly into the pot of water and stir well.

- After stirring, put the pot of jelly on stove and cook it until it boils. (*Note: stir it constantly while cooking so that the jelly does not lump).

- Once the water has boiled, pour 100g condensed milk and 50 ml coconut milk in, then stir well and cook it for 2 more minutes with small fire. After finishing, switch off the stove and allow it to cool slightly.

Step 4:

*The steps to create the shape of eggs:

- First, pour the jelly mixture in one third of each eggshell. Then wait for the mixture inside the eggshells to coagulate. (*Note: while waiting, you have to put the remaining mixture back on the stove with small fire to prevent it from condensation).

- After the mixture inside the eggshells coagulated, put all green beans blocks in the middle of the eggshells.

- Then pour the remaining part of jelly mixture into the eggshells. (*Note: fill up the eggshells with the mixture). After finishing, wait for the mixture to coagulate.

- Next put all our products in a box. Then put them into the cool compartment of refrigerator about 3-4 hours. (*Note: remember to use a piece of food warp to cover the box, this will help to protect the mixture). Finally, peel the shell of the eggs and enjoy.

This is an extremely unique and delicious dish. I am sure that, it will surprise all of your family members as well as your friends. It is also very suitable for Easter.

Wish you success!