Extremely Delicious and Popular Fried Flour



- 200g rice flour

- 20g tapioca starch

- 3 eggs

- 300 ml water

- 1/2 a carrot

- 1/2 a daikon

- A few chillis

- A few scallions


- 1 teaspoon cooking oil

- 1 teaspoon sugar

- 1/2 teaspoon salt

- Soy sauce

Vinegar or lemon

- Chilli sauce


Step 1:

- First, mix 200g rice flour and 20g tapioca starch together in a bowl. Next add 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon cooking oil into the bowl of rice flour, then mix well.

- Next, pour 300 ml water into the mixture slowly (*Note: stir the mixture constantly while pouring the water in.)

- After finishing, pour all the flour part into a pan and cook it with medium small until it is condensed as the image below.

Step 2:

- Prepare a plastic box and use basting brush to spread a layer of cooking oil inside the box, then pour all the mixture into it and cover the box.

- After finishing, put the box of mixture into a steamer and steam it approximately 25-30 minutes. (*Notesteaming time will depend on the amount of rice flour).

(Tip: you can use a toothpick to check the mixture. If the mixture does not stick in the toothpick, it means that the mixture is ready).

Step 3:

- After the steaming time, now take it out of the steamer and allow to the mixture cool.Then continue to put the mixture into a ice compartment of fridge about 4 hours.

- After 4 hours, you can take the mixture out of the fridge and cut it into small pieces as the image below.

- Next, put them into a bowl and pour a moderate amount of soy sauce in it, then mix.

Step 4:

- Pour a moderate amount of cooking oil in a pan to fry flour pieces above until they have slightly yellowish brown as the image below.

- As you can see, after frying, our flour pieces have had a very eye-catching color and it is also very crisp. Next crack 3 eggs in the pan of flour (*Note: the amount of eggs depend on the size of the dish).

- Finally, cut the scallions into small pieces and put them on surface of the dish. Now, you only need to take the dish out of the pan and put it in a plate.

How to make pickle as well as sauce for the dish:

1. Make pickle using carrot and daikon:

- Cut the carrot and daikon into small bars. Next add a little bit of sugar and the vinegar to them, then mix well. (*Note: If you do not have vinegar, you can use lemon instead). So, we have had a simple pickle to enjoy with fried flour).

2. Make the sauce for the dish:

- Pour 50 ml soy sauce in a small bowl and add 1 teaspoon sugar, 20 ml water, a little bit of lemon and finally chopped chilli, then mix well. (*Note: if you can eat fresh garlic, you can also chop two cloves of garlic up into small pieces and mix them with the ingredients above for making the sauce).

(*Note: you can also adjust the ingredients of the sauce to be suitable for your taste.)

It is done, now you only need put the pickled carrot and daikon as well as pour the sauce on surface of the dish and you can enjoy it right away. This is a delicious and popular dish, I am sure that, it will satisfy you.

Wish you success!